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People are generally surprised or confused when you use the title artist. "What do you paint?" they might ask or "Do you actually make any money out of that?" When my child was born I went to sign his birth certificate, in the box marked profession I put artist and felt like a fraud. After 13 years in art, a degree and an MA I still struggle with saying it. This web site is an effort to bring a body of my work together to see that, whilst the title artist may be a fragile one, it is one that can be applied. It is also a chance for you the viewer to see what I am up to. Click on the links below for a look.
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Knit a year

>Accidental Green

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> Beautiful Things

>Coffee Shop Debate

>Starvation Diet Project

> Little Links

>Body Bits Experiment

>Smell The Flowers

>Tickle me Orange

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Little People

Positive Youth shelters

Road Signs

Scratch the Surface

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"SEE this is why we employ artists like you, because you come up with great designs and plans like this...WICKED....hehe, It sounds really good and it
will work well with the group. We will enjoy it and we will produce a fantastic piece of work...!" Rachelann Brooks, Education officer from Groundwork in response to West Gorton Project proposal created by me.

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Beth Barlow Blogs and Links

Within my work I use blogs and ning sites to document the work, sketch ideas and keep in touch with people. Click on the links below to open up the blog of your choice.

Creative Runcorn Project Spring 2011

Working Title Artists Collective started Spring 2010

Resident Artist with Lower Kersal Young People Group as long as I'm useful

Letters from Ashton Hayes Future winter 2011

Starvation Diet Blog over a lifetime

Starvation Diet the next generation over lifetimes

Oxcan fundraising group in Northwich As long as it takes

Random Ramblings Sketch book of a conceptual artist over a lifetime

Little People As long as it takes

Blagger Bloggers the blog site for little white lies Always

Accidental Green stopped but not forgotten

Slow Art Artists Collective slow but not forgotten