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Statement: indepth work within communities, negotiate new relationships where everybody's expertise is acknowledged and create works which are truly specific to the dynamics of particular communities.

Current Projects


Beautiful Things

takes forgotten or abandoned objects and makes them into artists boxed collages.

Does this increase or decrease their value?

The project then asks exhibition visitors to bid for a box. Bids are won on the value of their ideas rather than monetary value. So a bid to send a box up in a rocket might win out over "put it on my mantle piece"


Beautiful Things was last exhibited at MMU Link Gallery. Manchester in April 2015 It

More project info here.

Project Shed

is based in Lower Kersal, Salford. The project sees Beth Barlow take up residency in an allotment shed in order to better understand and help build on ideas around giving and sharing.

News!! The final Exhibition ran in April 2016 with Tea Party Debate performance. Comments included "I've never seen anything like this, its amazing". We are hoping to work in Inspiring Communities Salford in Summer 2016 to grow the idea.






Project info here.

Knit a Year

Has evolved from Beth Barlow silently knitting her moods to a community of knitters all knitting their moods together. Several exhibitions of the resulting strands, book clubs, online discursive seminars and other offshoot projects have emerged.

News!!The Studio Widnes hosted Knit a Year in Halton exhibition in April 2015 Creative Yarns project book is now available in full colour here. Coming soon as a cheaper text only version.

More Project info here


Beth has been working with various agencies in her home town of Northwich to grow projects which will benefit the community and explore the culture of the area.

News!! In 2015 Beth worked in Rudheath and Witton Together as a consultant exploring ideas for phase 2 of their Big lottery project. She worked with Development Arts Northwich to co-ordinate a childrens festival with human gallery. Art Seed project is still going strong in Rudheath. Transition Northwich is a new group started in 2016. If you want to know more about Seed in Northwich e mail Beth.



Socially engaged art catalogue here or browse or order a 2010-15 portfolio from here.
If you are here to find out more about Art Boot Camps click here Cuddngton YC here

Blast From The Past:the site will feature an example of Beth Barlow's past work selected from our web archive. This month enjoy a browse of:

10-16 Youth Projects

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Sharpie Pen Bag Detail At CRMZ

by Saku Aged 10 at CRMZ

Bag design From CRMZ